5 ways to Pivot & Grow Rich in the middle of a Pandemic

If you grew up like me, you have been instilled with bad advice and false beliefs surrounding national disasters. Much like the Y2K computer bug that was supposed to shut down all computers on December 31, 1999; proved costly for some and for others the greatest opportunity. Many took advantage of those Y2K fears and as a result found a way to pivot around the disaster and provide shelter for their business operations. As a society we are taught to see the good and bad in all situations but not the opportunities that can change the world.

Having obtained my MBA degree I figured that I was investing in a way to build my company and give back to my community. But what was not evident was the fact that I needed to learn how to develop an academic writing style. When I got my first writing assignment back in my graduate studies it was a D; and the professor said in the comment section “you are not an undergrad student”.  It was at that moment that I realized I hadn’t pivoted years prior and needed to pivot in order forge through my pandemic.

I understand how difficult it is to break-free on those restrictive patterns that keep people from tapping into their potential. I too myself had mistaken comfort for freedom which is where many Americans go wrong. I also know how to pivot and break out of those unknown places that leaves thousands of question marks. Because, I’ve done it, I also know step by step, how to break out of those restrictive patterns and become financially free.

1. Declutter Your Mind: One of the impediments to your success is negative self-talk. Your ability to move beyond the facts about your situation grants you new opportunities to work harder and explore the unknown. There is a reason why you feel like you aren’t making progress and or that you need more support. Statements like When will I get the help I need? Where will the money come from? What am I supposed to be doing during this pandemic? Why I did I have to lose my job? Will I survive this pandemic? How will I pay my employees?

You need to sell yourself on the idea that you are on a wealth journey, and that all the support you need will come to you at the right moment. I am not speaking of living in a bubble where you take no action and yet expect miracles to fall out of the sky. This is the time to discover new facets of who you are. There is no limit to how much you can grow and learn during this transition.  

2. Level up with Pluto’s Return: It takes 244 years to traverse its path around the Sun, and because I live in America and have realized she just turned 244 years old makes me want to dig deeper and see what is going on. You do not have to be into Astrology or Numerology to stay abreast of global changes that could affect your life and business. The words synonymous with Pluto’s are power, corruption, destruction & regeneration.

It seems like a little bit all those terms are taking place in our world. So, what does that mean for you and how will you relate to post COVID19? Take what you do know about yourself and or your business and level up your knowledge in another area that could advance your rank. What in the foreseeable future could destroy your business?  Take that though and find a way to offset the destructive impact that your blind spots often create.  

3. Burn Rubber: Shout out to Grant Cardone who’s book I just finished “The 10X Rule”. It made me think of the importance of playing a bigger game. Staying stuck on the sidelines suck and will only get worse if you refuse to burn rubber or in Grant’s narrative do what you already do to the 10th power. If you write 1 blog post a week write 5 and keep putting pressure of your diamond to come forth.

Burning rubber does not mean that you have to fly through life in hopes of becoming successful. Success is more of a mindset than anything else. You do however must double down on doing more of what you do best. Multi-tasking, the generalist and specialist roles are important given the nature of the work you do or the industry that you operate in. Yet, in the middle of a pandemic you must find a way to maintain the status quo and step your game up. 


4. Take on a practice: Gary Vaynerchuk’s book Crushing it “How Great Entrepreneurs build their business and influence and influence and how you can, too” ; sets the tone for taking on a practice that you can become proud and become the best you. The book is full of stories that highlight individuals who had a burning desire to achieve impossible results. I recommend you go and reread that book because I expect that you heard of it before or have already read it. In this instance, taking on a practice is about finding something you can habitually do daily that will bring you closer to your goals.

Like now, I am taking on the practice of writing a blog post daily until I hit 50 pieces of content. It will be something I have never done before and that will truly require me to master the order, structure, and the timing of each piece. Because, I write blog post that are 1000 a piece it is easy to see why that’s a practice for vs a 400-word spread. I want my content to be insightful, full of gems and concise. The same goes for you at this very moment. I know give you permission to Pivot and Grow Rich.    

5. Develop of Futurist Archetype: Although, a futurist studies the future and makes predictions about his findings based on current trends he still does the work. A futurist isn’t looking into a crystal ball and pulling rabbits out of hats. They are visionary scholars, and scientists, who analyze data patterns on a global scale. China’s GDP is as important to them as the price of gas in Melbourne, Australia. You may not get the logistics of that analogy but it’s what isn’t understand that gives them their advantage.

  They have a passion for reading, imagining, and experimenting with new technologies (i.e. Albert Einstein, Elon Musk etc.). You must also take on these roles in your own unique way. In order to pivot, concerning your business you may need to go back to school, learn a new skill or research markets that are out of your comfort zone. Expect the unexpected and don’t limit yourself to what you preconceived notions explain is righteous. 

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