3 Steps towards Reimaging Business Success Post COVID: It’s all about the “Construction” of New Ideas

Grandiose construction in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates
Grandiose construction in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates

Welcome to the new landscape of American Business. It’s different. It’s digital. It’s uncertain. It’s global and very flexible. But most important its fast moving. Blink one and a new Unicorn is seeking an IPO. Blink twice and your industry has been disrupted and your brand no longer guides your customers into a workable solution. Blockbuster, Kodak and Barnes and Noble understands what I am saying. The crux of the matter is that there is plenty of opportunity for a branded leadership style that is fierce, tough minded and opportunistic.

What are you doing to improve the underlying condition in your infrastructure? With millions of businesses around the world poised to pivot and restructure their operations. Here lies a few tips on how you can re-imagine the possibilities that inherently exist and leverage your own success.

Build a Cruise Ship that floats on Virtual Water


The best way to think about a new normal in the world of business is to see your business as a Cruise Ship. What happens on a Cruise Ship? You guessed it recreation, dancing, relaxation, eating, gambling, seminars, conferences etc. Cruise ships often will fill each ship to 105%-110% capacity and then upsell on additional services. The thing is this COVID19 pandemic has hurt that business model which generated $32.4 Billion in revenue in 2018. The model works you just need the means for translating that model into a virtual ideology.  

Build a First-Class Virtual Hollywood Tour for your customers

First class world tour

Imagine you are going to see a big mega Hollywood star in action. You have front row tickets to this new premier. You have Broadway play $5000 a piece sold out tickets, back-stage access to the concert and you are riding in a limo with 10 of Hollywood A-listers. Suddenly, you awake from this dream and realize that your customers are the Hero of the story and not you. What do you do now? You recreate that same experience for every customer that you take on. Make your customers the stars of their own show.     

Build a Futuristic City with Zoom

Futuristic Cityscape

As the backdrop for the new mode of communication for millions of businesses the world over; it’s now time to take those experiences into the virtual reality world where meetings actually feel life-like. It’s the ultimate immersive experience that will show your clients that you are serious about dismantling the uncomfortable nature that the world of videoconferencing provides. If you have a meeting in London, Paris next Tuesday the platform should feel as if your team, clients or associates are in a new city from the comfort of their home.

These are all ideas that can be recoiled to a company’s budget, capabilities, or operations. Have fun and make the most of this pivot. Find a way to construct platform that can operate in the physical and digital landscape. The COVID19 will finish up around about 2023 and show a new normal around 2024-2025. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken.  

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