5 ways Entrepreneurs can expect the unexpected & embrace the Value of Creative Destruction!


Everything that happens in and around our lives including the world at large; happens for a reason. I am a firm believer concerning the notion that nothing just happens and that history lessons abound in every disaster, upset, calamity and curveball that pops up on the scene.

This global pandemic came to upset, uproot, and creatively destroy all old forms and ideologies. Yet, there is always beauty that arises from the ashes. Given, what has just taken place in Beirut has given me prayerful stance for that nation. I wish a speedy recovering to every family hurt and devastated by the tragedy.

I do however remain hopeful that the world alike especially entrepreneurs can really grab this moment to understand how everything is connected in this world in some form or fashion. Eventually, what is in darkness shall come to the light. Here is 5 ways entrepreneurs can expect the unexpected and embrace the value of creative destruction.

Mourn with the World: There is nothing wrong with expressing how you feel about your life and the things that are going on around you. Mourning isn’t always about shedding a tear. It can be a deliberate practice of pausing to acknowledge something greater than ourselves at play. Wealth, Comfort, Security & Riches can sometimes leave the soul cold and callous to the harsh realities of those that suffer. As an Entrepreneur always see global events as a way to serve more people and to create extreme amounts of value for your own community and that of those who may not share the same values as you do. The world is yours.

Step into the Twilight Zone: It’s not always easy to introduce stories of fantasy and suspense into your brand. Why not find the means for connecting with your audience on a deeper and more impactful level. Screen writers in Hollywood start with the end in mind meaning they write the ending first and then work their way back to the opening credits. Creative Destruction gives all entrepreneurs the impetus to visualize the storyboard without having all the details to boot. Have fun with this new energy.

Build Rapport with the Marginalized: I would like to thank you immediately for the charitable work you do or the support that you give that may go unrecognized. We live in a world where if someone isn’t being acknowledged for the good, they sow into the world as a seed; they may not support or participate in the process as much. It is in our human nature to be acknowledged which is why every kind of award exist in American society (i.e. Grammy, golden globes, player of the year, teacher of the year, athlete of the year etc.). Find a community worth serving and lend your hand as it will go a long way towards opening up your perspective about life.

Dig Deeper into why Schools are Reopening: Expecting the unexpected and embracing the value of creative destruction means; watching schools reopen only to close and seeing teachers die and children being stricken with the corona virus. In both instances we see how these contexts trigger differences in opinions concerning the little deeper into this. I am just shedding a little light. Remember, everything is connecting in some way.

Pray for All Athletes in the World: At this particular junction sports are resuming with stringent rules and practices to help protect all coaches and players, at what cost? Is America so bored with doing nothing that she will risk the livelihoods of the few for the many? We are all fans and love our sports but what is the process we are wiling to pay? I was once told that “if you think education is expensive try ignorance”. Say a prayer daily for those athletes the world over who is willing to risk it all for our entertainment.

Creative destruction is the dismantling of long-standing practices to make way for innovation. It is a driving force of capitalism, but does it have to be? What long-standing practice is in your way that needs dismantling? These systems in our world are breaking down (i.e. racism, education, healthcare etc.) But, the opportunity has come for you to be the change and give rise to new forms of creativity.

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