5 ways to grow your Business Insanely Fast! “For the Entrepreneurs & Go-Getters”

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“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”                                                                                                                          ~Winston Churchill

According to a report by the New York Fed; Nearly half of Black Small Businesses have been wiped out by the end of April. This is not a typo and yes, this pandemic is tearing apart the minority community in ways unheard of. As an Entrepreneur myself I hurts my heart to know I can’t touch every black Business community in America. Entrepreneurship is our livelihood and has sustained us in the best and worst of times. There just isn’t enough Jobs that can liberate us or create financial freedom in the places we need it the most.

Although, Black-Owned businesses are more likely to falter than any other counterpart, something must be done to derail these impediments. Our economic plight was just a bad pre-covid19 but now we need a business savior. And somehow, the leadership seems to be lackluster at best. So, if you are a Go-Getter, love your people, carry philanthropic tendencies then these 10 ideas should help you to effectively build consensus.

  1. Find 5 Black-Owned Businesses & Cash App Them $20

The beauty in being able to grow your business insanely fast which means 5 years; is that you can create a culture and practice of giving that isn’t tied to receiving any benefits in return. Get back to the labor of love and become a philanthropist now and not when you become a Billionaire because that may never happen.

  1. Focus on your Why?

Simon Sinek wrote the book “Start with Why? Which is a great book that I highly recommend. Yet, in this pandemic season that has ravished our communities (Financially, Mentally, Physically & Spiritually) should evoke a new meaning surrounding your why for wanting to become a success. The game has changed and so should your why.

  1. Wait 90 days

In Steve Harvey’s “Act like a Lady and Think like a Man” there was this thing called the 90-day rule in terms of sexual contact after the first date. I great news the same things applies to your business. Find a way to date your business for 90 days until you are surely convinced that you have a product, service or knowledge that can be invested for the benefit of others. Get to know your business and establish an emotional connection. Remember: “Feelings get the blessing”

  1. Never Second Guess yourself

You work from home and all the fanfare (i.e. lunches, traveling, corporate meetings, birthdays, movies, dinner dates etc.) that once filled your life is gone. What do you do? The pandemic is growing strong although some may think things are getting better. This Entrepreneurial journey can get a little hard in terms of mental state. Depression comes of out Entrepreneurship. There will be uncertainty but never second guess yourself.

  1. Learn to say no to others and yes to yourself

Keeping up with the Jones or trying to fit in comes at a heavy price that many entrepreneurs refuse to acknowledge. Get away and find your center. One of the things that I learned throughout the last decade of being an Entrepreneur is that selfcare should be a section on every business plan. It’s easy to overlook the things that matter the most especially those of us who give of ourselves daily.

Your community is relying on you to serve like you have never served before. How will you respond to the challenge at hand? How will you fulfill your customers needs while at the same time keeping an eye on your community? You can do it. I believe in you and your time is now. Level up.

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