3 Reasons why you are likely to see Exponential Growth in your Business in the next 21 days. (Amazon Best Selling New Release Book Edition)

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What an exciting time to be an Entrepreneur. For some of you have many years and lots of skin in the game. And for others you are still moving accordingly and learning as much as you can. Given, the nature of how information is doubling every 6-12 months its important to stay in step with these changes and new levels of wisdom and insight that is passing through the earth. God, Bless each and every reader because the intention is to support your growth and help out in any way that I can. If you are in a conspicuous season concerning your business hang in there as things will soon turn out for the good.

In today’s post I highlight the top 3 best selling books in the Small Business section of Amazon. This means that the business world is finding these types of keywords of importance at this pivoting stage of enterprise. The bigger reason to check out these books is that you find a few nuggets that can help to expand your operations. It doesn’t matter if you are in Asia, Africa, America, India, Russia or China. Amazon is worth $1 Trillion dollars from the humble beginnings of a digital ecommerce project. Below, highlights three ways that will show the types of practices that are necessary in this pandemic.


You Pivoted from Brick -n- Mortar to the New Digital Order: You now realize that the digital landscape has catapulted Amazon’s Value to $1 Trillion dollars; and that your Knowledge has a value that can serve millions of individuals around the world daily. In, addition, you understand what is hidden shall eventually come to the light and that means your potential. Digital Millionaire Secrets: How I Built an 8-Figure Business Selling My Knowledge Online


You Embraced Digital Leadership: As soon as the pandemic hit you immediately begin shifting your operations and making sure your partnerships were intact and secure. You started finding new ways to innovate your business infrastructure and upgrade your outdated technologies. Leadership Today: Harness the Power of Digital Innovations and Become the Modern Leader Your Team Needs


You Picked the Right Product: In this Pandemic you either are selling a Product, Service or some type of Knowledge offering. Which one are you selling to the world? Not everyone will make a $1 Million dollars in 12 months, but it is possible if you are able to adjust accordingly and realize that success leaves clues. Catch these best-selling clues and pivot like a boss. 12 Months to $1 Million: How to Pick a Winning Product, Build a Real Business, and Become a Seven-Figure Entrepreneur

Bonus: (20 Ideas that can help to Grow your income Exponentially)

  1. Music Business (Music App)
  2. Amazon FBA or KDP (Digital Products & Services)
  3. Digital Course (Sell Your Knowledge)
  4. Platform Business (Amazon)
  5. Buy a Business/ Website/ Flippa
  6. Invent Something (Royalties)
  7. Dropshipping Business (Alibaba)
  8. Rental Income/investments (Real Estate)
  9. Stock Portfolio/ Cryptocurrency (BitCoin)
  10. Consulting/Mentoring (Teaching)
  11. Ebooks/Info Products (Sell your passion)
  12. Youtube/instagram Platform (Build a follow & offer product or service)
  13. SaaS Innovation (Software)
  14. Affiliate Marketing (Marketing other people’s products)
  15. Subscription Business (#login to my website)
  16. Private Label Dropshipping (Your Brand someone else’s product)
  17. Print on Demand Business (Printing Technology)
  18. Network Marketing (Amway enough said)
  19. Podcast (Speak your truth)
  20. Intellectual Property (Books, documentaries, research etc.)


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