Here’s what you need to know to start Capitalizing on your Home-Based Business

Coins of Greece. Ancient Greek sailing ship depicted in the old Greek 50 drachma coin.

I recently re-read a chapter out of Felix Dennis’ book “How to Get Rich “One of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs shares his secrets”, titled Ownership! Ownership! Ownership! and came across this notion of Entrepreneurship as Coin that operates in many different realms. Dennis quotes “If you can laugh in the midst of early poverty and in the face of real adversity, and if you can still laugh when you’re coining it in, then you will almost certainly continue to coin it in”. I thought how profound a statement given the nature of our global reset and the friction that pandemic has caused the world over.

What a powerful statement that presents multiple sides of the same coin. I am reminded in (John 21:1-11); when Simon Peter and the other fellas toiled all night and was not able to pull in any fish, and in (Matthew 17:24-27) when there was a coin found inside the fish’s mouth. Both cases presents miracles at the hand of overcoming adversity in the beginning stages of one’s entrepreneurial journey and realizing that success on the right side was an inevitable proposition for those who could see the success. As Entrepreneurs our pathways aren’t linear. Many times, we face challenges because the needle moves up and down.

Imagine owning a multi-million-dollar sea fishing vessel worth $5 million dollars; with operating expenses of $6 million dollars. Right away you see the deficit and now imagine you out at the Bering Sea for two weeks and have caught nothing. Could you imagine the irony of that situation? That would be considered the left side of the coin. Then someone shows up and speaks the word “Cast your nets on the right side”. Now 153 million tons of big fish fill your vessel. Incredible right!

The million-dollar question is What happened? Change of perspective? Belief System? New Infrastructure? New Partnerships? New Marketing Strategy? Did you laugh as Mr. Dennis puts it during that early poverty? What all entrepreneurs need to know to capitalize on your home-based business is to learn how to add multiply, addition, divide & subtract. Below I highlight a few strategies that can help you to capitalize on your Home-based Business.

Be Yourself: Never compromise who you are for the sake of another no matter what. Have fun and do not take things seriously. Open your eyes to the reality that you are passionate about serving and building generational wealth. When you realize that there are too sides of the coin never fret Be yourself sounds elementary yet sometimes it’s the small things that we overlook in the pursuit of business success. 

Embrace your Learning years: In the three stages of life’s fulfillment we have our learning, Earning and Returning. Each stage lasts about 25-30 years and for many of us we are in our earning years. We are leveraging our career success, we are working to support our families, and creating nest eggs. Despite how secure many entrepreneurs are at this moment there are lessons from our learning years that needs to be revisited. Look back at those bitter moments and see how they have helped you become the person you are now.  

Build an Audience: Notice that I did not say buy an audience. Yes, we have marketing budgets that expose what we do in the marketplace; but building takes on a new set of principles. Rome was not built in a day and neither was Amazon’s $1 Trillion-Dollar Valuation. You are not getting passed up and or stepped on. The way information is doubling exponentially and how the world is literally on skates doesn’t mean your passion, energy and effort for building a global platform has to operate in the same sphere. Act on your business ideas but learn the names of each member that steps into your auditorium.

Capitalizing on your home-based business can mean many things to many different people. A home-based business can mean doing business in your home country. It could mean doing business online in a virtual world. It could mean having a business office in your home where you work out of. The context of entrepreneurship has changed and will include home-based businesses as a metaphor for doing business with your head and heart. A few Synonyms for the word home are “Central, family, Household, national & native, so you can replace the word home-based with central based, national based your choice. So, how are you capitalizing on your Home-Based business?  

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