Top 5 Success Hacks for Black Owned Businesses

“I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has had to overcome while trying to succeed.” —Booker T. Washington

What a great time for manufacturing, producing, creating, shaping, molding, and assembling a new story for Post COVID. Although. These COVID waves has shifted our daily routines to the point of no return, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. I want to say that the most powerful stance you can take in the middle of this pandemic is to tap into your creative reserves.

Go for Broke and dive deep into the nothingness of your experience. Let go of your titles, pain, problems, confusion, hurt, upsets, social media, and anything that distracts you from your ability to formulate, draw up plans and a establish a new way of being. We have become in charge of Dismantling those oppressive systems and building new streams of economic development the world over.

Starting with myself I am giving back everything that I have learned in America over the last 30 years about economic success. I will write until my hands bleed and find the means for raising up the diaspora. Below, I am adding seed for the development of profitable African Businesses. It’s just a few concepts once studied in depth will produce the much-needed harvest.  

If you desire to pull yourself and your family out of poverty grab a few of these nuggets. Again, I am writing from a place of lived experience and not so much from the regurgitated information persists to keep the real truths hidden from plain sight. My Top 7 Success hacks as an entrepreneur are as follows………

  • Study Aliko Dangote: When I say study, I mean find a way to tap into his mind. There is this creative energy that emanates from Mr. Dangote. I have yet to figure this out. I have never met him and yet sense that something special is set to come out of his camp. Keep an Eye on Mr. Dangote around technology.
  • Build Your Community in the Trench’s: Covid19 is beginning to move into this third wave of pandemic madness as if communities the world over hasn’t already been ravished by its presence. The world is in a Crisis and needs support and the assurance that we can get through this. If you haven’t realized it yet you are in the trenches. It doesn’t matter if you are in poverty, middle class or an upper elite patron. The playing field has leveled. You need a new set of carpenter tools to come out of this pandemic.
  • Share your Lived Experiences with others: There is something that you were able to overcome; and we need to hear about it so we can find comfort in our suffering. Your life stories are needed in this season.  Few lines of truth could go a long way in this season of someone’s life. Send a letter, phone call a loved one, write a blog post like this one, write an eBook, start a blog or just anything that could show up as wisdom in our community.
  • Document your Journey: Five years from now someone will look back on this global pandemic and wonder how things turned out. I am sure countless of documentaries and movies will be made as a result of these experiences. So, why not you write down your daily routines and activities. How you are feeling. The thoughts you were thinking about. How you survived. How you feel. Business success and failures and ultimately the means for educating future minds about surviving crisis.
  • See Yourself as a COVID Millionaire: While there is so much loss, chaos, poverty, sickness, disease, and political unrest; don’t you think that there is a blessing in any of these tragedies? I do. There will many millionaires that will come out of this pandemic. Will you be one? Crisis is that one narrative that comes to test our management. What is it that you are supposed to manage in this season of your life? Your time, talents, gifts, money, personal relationships, and business partnerships is under the microscope and its all about how you use what you have given by God. Make the most of these economic swings and see clear through the pandemic into a new world that awaits your lineage.

You got what it takes to make it through these trying times and you will. Balance the equation and remain flexible. It’s does not matter what tax bracket you belong in. Create a void as I mentioned earlier and allow yourself the privilege of accessing your nature as creator and create a new distinction to fill your life with something that is more positive and empowering. What can you do in the next 30 days to help at least one entrepreneur build a better world?

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Success Hacks for Black Owned Businesses

  1. Whew… Your blogs just keep getting better and better and I just subscribed. To your point, although I have remained employed through this “crisis”, well before Covid I was already asking myself what I wanted the next 5 years of life. So as we obviously been home more I formed my single member LLC for my design and construction project management consulting as well as my mobile home business. Even during this time of confusion I was certain that I wanted to emerge from this with a clear plan of action for my life. While I never want to diminish the devastating affects of the pandemic, if you are still here and healthy this is time to take inventory of your life.

    I appreciate you.

    1. Wonderful Reply Shamika. And thanks for the love. Yes, this is definitely the time to take inventory of one’s life and begin setting a new course of action for post covid19. I love the action you are taking with the goals you have set. Keep up the great work. It’s individuals like yourself and these comments that truly keeps me motivated to keep going. Thanks again.

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