How to Deal with Limitations that Comes with a Pandemic

One of the most important aspects of any crisis is self-reflection. Given, the nature of this pandemic and the destruction that she has caused it’s time to take a step back and rethink your position in the world. You can be at multiple ends of the spectrum at this point. You be looking to climb out of your uncertain world or seeking to protect and build upon the foundation you have created up until this point. Stand down and remain committed to the fight the lies ahead. Out of this nothingness (void) or confused state lies tons of opportunities if you are able to gain clarity and seek to master just one of your gifts.

Hypothetically speaking, if this pandemic lasts until 2024 what is your plan of action for gaining your self-confidence, momentum, and vital force? You are a very smart and intelligent individual and just need a clear voice of reason to help you asses the inventory and the types of changes that are needed to move into your desired state of success. Stay in the press (News) but don’t be consumed by it. Drink your Ginger Tea, get 10,000 steps in daily if you can. Download from your IOS or android store an intermittent fasting app. I use this app call (Life Fasting). Just stay grounded and make sure you are not allowing these plutonian energies to reck your family. If you have already had a few marital bouts or family conflicts love through it. Reach out if things are beyond you control and seek a life coach or a close associate.

The game has changed, and I am allowing my experiences to lead and guide into the next season of your life. You deal with the limitations that are imposed on your world by taking a different approach from what you have been fed to be true. The toughest thing you will go through and must endure is having to create out of the chaos of your world. If you want to start a new business or take your existing business and put it online do your due diligence first. Make sure your mind is fit for the journey. Despite all the trappings and media bombardments of success and fast money, its more of a deliberate long game force of nature.

In terms of Anxiety, take a few deep breaths and know that all is well and unfolding as it should. Be at peace and fight the urge to always be right. If even you are right just row with the punches. Pick your battles and know when to hold and fold. There has bee a target on your back since the beginning of time. You can do and every word lends it’s hand at giving you the upper hand.  

In terms of Money Shortages, you must give away what you would like to have come in. This might be a difficult pill to swallow but the truth of the matter like attracts like. The lure of scaling back at a time like might make sense for some who can’t see opportunity in the crisis. It’s true that some people do hit paydirt and may come up with some fast money. They may have some great connections or be part of a circle that yields them the opportunities to advance. You could have all those things and more but is your mind tailored for this new technological age?

Innovating is the best way to deal with the limitations that comes from a pandemic or crisis. By finding a product/service that the world needs, you will ultimately find comfort in the fact that you are making a great impact in this world. Do not wait until you can see the clear path till the end. There is a clear path, but you must do the work in discovering where you can serve your family, community and the world at large. Dominate your industry and take over the world.  

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