How to make uncertainty in your Business work to your advantage “Share”

Father working from home and taking care of baby

It can be easy for entrepreneurs to feel the weight and measures that comes with entrepreneurship as a profession. The day to operations, marketing, product development, sales, networking, goals, profitability, pandemic stress, the isolation that comes from working at home, and not mention the financing and mental health issues that is beginning to arise in the news feeds of Mainstream America due to the affects Covid19 has created for seasoned and budding entrepreneur.

It can be easy to overload the senses and feel the pinch of viable support systems that may be drying up in this season of the Harvest. Although, Thanksgiving 2020 will provide the entire world with a new respect for being thankful its not too late be thankful for the challenges and obstacles that are springing up in this season.

If the NBA was of any benefit to the world it allowed us to see the importance of protocol and inspection with respect to a bubble and isolation.  It’s fair to say that the NBA provided a surreal level of entertainment for sports fans the world over. The fact of the matter fact sport in general was great and provided some sense of release concerning these pent up and isolated energies.

Personally, I only watched the Lakers games to stay focus on my work. Yes, I am a Lebron James fan and now Lakers fan because of him. But I learned something in this exchange of ideas. I learned the importance of sharing my ideas with the world in exchange for perspective and buy-in. At some point the NBA season would have never moved forward from it’s cancelled season unless it had the buy-in of players, owners, GM’s and coaches.

The NBA had to literally share its agenda with the world to figure out the best course of action. After the season first got cancelled on March 11; it did not resume until 4 months later in a bubble down in Orlando, Florida. That was a 120-day swing of uncertainty which the NBA made work to their advantage for which they were able to Crown a champion “The Los Angeles Lakers”

The same goes us as entrepreneurs. We must see and feel the uncertainty as an opportunity to create something more meaningful in our daily lives. Perhaps sharing the ways that we cope with our day to day struggles. For me I read, journal, meditate, talk to my life coach once a week, walk 30 minutes daily, listen to educational podcast from various niches, network, drink plenty of water and pray.

Your routine will differ, and you may do none of the like. It is more about letting your experience nurture individuals that may need a perspective outside of the mainstream media. We all got something to contribute to the world is a positive way. For most its about finding the means for getting the message out and in from on those who can benefit from the message.

If you want to shake off the viper of uncertainty share these things with the world and watch how you open new channels of success.

Share your Passion with the world: Even if you have already have an established platform out of which you serve your clients; open up a new conversation around something you like to do. It can be a hobby or maybe blogging. Extend your brand narrative in this season.

Share your Business Struggles: What is going on in your business that I could offer you advice about? Not everyone builds a hearty network that they have the access and privilege of tapping into from tips and tricks of the trade. Consider yourself blessed if you do. Sharing is caring and it doesn’t matter where you share those struggles with. It can be offline and or online. Everything doesn’t have to revolve around the digital landscape when it comes to expressing your pain and frustrations about your day to day operations. 

Share your Thoughts on the Future of your industry: Where do you see your business in say 5 years post covid? Does that industry still exist? Has is been revolutionized with a new unicorn? Has A.I. taken over? What role might Machine Learning play? Does your technology meet the new norm or standards of your industry?

Share your Thoughts on Post-Pandemic Business Success: What does your business look like given you made it out on the other side of COVID? Have you created a mental health program for your employees? What does success post covid look like? Find a journal and start writing your thoughts to these exercises.

Share your Thoughts on Mental Health as it pertains to entrepreneurs: Do you feel this pandemic has taken a toll on your mental health? Why? Why not? Has depression, anxiety or PTSD affected your ability to keep a clear head concerning the growth and development of your enterprise? These writing exercise will help to show you the blind spots that you are not aware that exists.

The overarching message surround “Share” is that you can make it as personal as you like. It is still ok to share, like, subscribe and post comments about posts and other ideas that come through your feed that piques your interest. Stay fixated in the conversation at large and give your business a voice outside of sales and marketing. When you separate yourself from your business a new world begins to form and a new conversation around your business ideas begins to start ruminating within your industry. What else can you share with the world that can take your focus from panic to expansion.

We all feel the pressure to create and grow under adverse circumstances. I am no different in my walk as an entrepreneur. Uncertainty, has become so real in my business that I have started a group in Facebook“Mental Health Support & Mentoring for Entrepreneurs”  and I post content on Linked twice a week just to share and open up my world for the benefit others.

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