Ways a Business mentor help you Curb this Pandemic and transition into a more digitized mindset

With so much uncertainty, its no wonder Business coaches and counselors are helping to prepare businesses for the new norm

“A business that makes nothing, but money is a poor business.”– Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor Company

It’s Official France just went into full Lockdown due to the corona virus and what does that mean for your business? A lot depending on the types of relationships, suppliers, and partnerships that you established in France. Doesn’t it seem like when one country catches a cold eventually it trickles down into other countries. Please don’t be alarmed.

 For those business leaders who is still in transition mode concerning their business operations hang in there. The concept that is floating around in my circle is a saying that goes “From Brick-N-Mortar to Click-N- Order”; which actually represents a shift in the landscape of business which you already understand unless you were living under a rock for the last 7 months. It’s all about the pivot but how do you pivot and what does it actually mean to pivot?

Companies are beginning to understand the importance of getting advice outside of their circles; in order to get steered in the correct direction. Mark Steinke of businesscoachingpa.com explains “Businesses need assurance, a boost in Leadership skillsets and a go to professional to help with tough decision making. When you refuse to step all the way out of your comfort zone, you tend to miss out on opportunities that lie just beyond the smokescreen. Below, I share some advice that has helped me get through rough patches in my business and that is currently helping me to ride out this wave.   

I have a developed a program called “POISED” which in essence relates to having a composed and self-assured manner. It’s about trusting that your operations are doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing despite the circumstances that surrounds your organization.

Below, I briefly outline the acronym for “POISED” in hopes that I can spark a small idea that will help you in getting through this pandemic. As business owners and professionals, we will get through this.  

Plan Accordingly: With 7.6 billion people in the world and a surging digital footprint; what measures can you put in place to adapt a new worldview of how to position yourself for success? How can you get your piece of the pie? In this season of the pandemic your writing hat must come on. Ideas are flowing and floating seeking correspondence. Write the Vision and make it plain.

Operate in compliance with the new norm: The new norm dictates that businesses must shift their operations online or perish. While 30% of businesses will not survive this pandemic, you can if you are willing to comply with the new norm. The new norm is expanding into a new industry, developing a new business model, embracing ecommerce or just finding a way to monetize that experience that you have collected over the years. Think outside the box.

Identify your blind Spots while you can: Seek out a business mentor, coach or consultant. Find a way to gain exposure to those areas in your life and business that could pose as a threat to your very existence. It could be outdated beliefs, doctrines, dogmas or some type of ideology that worked in the past but may not serve your life in this season. There are hidden opportunities right in front of you if can spot them and take massive action. The lack of awareness of those opportunities speaks to a blind spot that may need exposure.

Serve a Bigger Cause than profitability: There is an ancient saying that says “Money Answers all Things”.  Yes, it does but money can come in many forms. Money can be connections, ideas, health, patience, peace and the wisdom to weather any storm. Focus on serving the world in some capacity and allow your influence to impact millions. You will profit and take care of your staff only if you believe that you will. Developing countries needs guidance and understand and serves as a 1-billion-person opportunity.   

Evaluate new markets out of past actions: Look back at the las 10 years of your industry and come up with 5 things that could aid in the development and growth of your enterprise. Pierce a little deeper into the processes, steps, procedures and trainings that took place over the last 10 years and glean from that wisdom and allow an idea to come forth. If you work in the Automotive industry see who has generated the most revenue in the past 10 years; and see how those statistics can help me improve a function of your own business .It’s all about the data.

Develop a Plan of Action and move forward: Write a one-page business plan and get going. One step in the right direction soon adds up to many steps. Despise not small beginnings and take a strategic look online and see what channels of expression is calling your business into play. You can do this.  

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