How to Launch a Conscious Based Business that generates impact? Here’s how’s I’m doing it.

I am Planning All the Way to The End “The ending is everything , Plan all the way to it, taking into account all the possible consequences, obstacles, an twists of fortune that might reverse your hard work and give the glory to others By planning to the end you will not be overwhelmed by circumstances an you will know when to stop. Gently, guide fortune and help determine the future by thinking far ahead”

I am Transforming My War into a Crusade “The Secret to Motivating people and maintaining their morale is to get them to think less about themselves and more about the group. Involve them in a cause, a crusade against a hated enemy. Make them see their survival as tied to the success of the army as a whole’

In November 2019, I received word that I would be travelling by years end. With only 48 days left in the year I thought that would be impossible due to the foreseeable circumstances that was already in place. After the new year arrived and left in the same breath no travel on my part had taken place. I thought nothing of it considering I had been programmed all my life here in America to place December 31 as the end of a yearly cycle. I know that China celebrates the new year on January 25 th 2020(Year of the rat) but to my surprise in February 2020 I travelled to 4 different cities, met multiple business professionals and was able to gain a perspective like no other. These progressive exposures helped me to remove my mental slave conditioning & old fears concerning the things that lies outside of my realm of understanding.

A shift took place right before my eyes and I had to rethink what “Years End” means? I had to unlearn my previously held consumptions of time. I had to unlearn what it means to be successful in a world that is progressively changing at God Speed. I needed to plan all the way to the end and transform my war into a crusade, like Aliko Dangote (The Richest Man in Africa). One of the greatest lessons I was able to glean from Mr. Dangote was the importance of cutting out the middleman and building your own empire. Although, he came from a wealthy Muslim family, he was still able to start from the ground up and incorporate humility as a practice in his daily life.  It’s this Entrepreneurial spirit that covers the soul and creates massive amounts of change in the world. Despite his longing to create a new paradigm in the African business sector he made wisdom an obsession like King Solomon.   

In a world where man is driven to an early grave through the quickening pace of technology and this self-indulgent way of life; there is much one must unlearn about how they process information that is widespread and disseminated at the speed of light. To see the light man must be able to go through seasons of darkness and truly unlearn what success, creativity, ingenuity, and imagination truly means. Aliko Dangote, as Africa’s richest man embodies what it means to stay the course. After more than 40 years of ups and downs in his corporate endeavors his established reputation for wisdom and integrity reigns supreme in his life. God changes the times and seasons disposes some kings and raises up others, while giving wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. You can achieve anything you want in this life.

Success then comes as a process of following the patterns that have been laid out by the universe. You are in line of greatness that commands you to follow the tradition and reveal your greatness to the world. One of reasons why I symbolically compare Aliko Dangote to King Solomon has nothing to do with lifestyles but more so wisdom and the willing to invest in the Vision that God has put forth. The goal is to sacrifice your life for the next 10 generations. Work hard, be diligent, pursue excellence, work proactively, leverage debt, establish relationships, and play the long game while remaining patient. Below, I highlight five lessons from Aliko Dangote’s life that you can put into motion today and create a brighter future for all.  

Invest in Africa: Study to show thyself approved and learn about the rich history and empires that once dominated this planet. Investing in Africa is more than the minerals and precious metals that will never be depleted on this continent. It’s about studying your genealogy and investing in the wisdom that has been passed down from your ancestors.

See Money in its Truest Form: Money answers all things, but it can be used as a tool to do lots of good in the world. Utilize wealth, money, prosperity, and paper currency as a means of exchange. Money can represent information, intellectual property, health, peace, love, joy and happiness. Make sure your context around money represents job creation and the building of generational wealth.  

See Wisdom as a Source of Currency: The wisest man in Ancient times King Solomon made wisdom his top priority. He understood if he was ever going to effectively manage the resources at hand, he would need a greater perspective, blueprints, strategies and resources to make his dream become a reality. In the same light Mr. Dangote embodies this type of wisdom and has been placed in a position by God to converse with wise men, dignitaries, and foreign the world over. In just one generation (40 years), he has gone from a small trading hand to the richest man on the planet of Africa. Money answers all things but its wisdom that becomes the driving force.  

Diversify your Perspective & See through your Belief: Make it a habit to learn from the perspectives of others. Open your world to learn from different religions, cultures, ideologies, philosophies, contexts, ancient civilizations and just anything that helps you to understand the perspectives of others. Get outside of your comfort zone in terms of your thinking patterns. See the world through the belief that you are here to make a different which includes the help from all things concerning life. 

In the long run continue to move forward seeing beyond your current reality. The world is in a crisis of epic proportions and you support, ideas and recommendations are needed to bring about change. Allow the Solomon’s and Dangote’s of the world to give you the perspective of a King. Nurture your truth and watch it spring forth in ways you could only dream of.

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