Knowing The Difference Between Transition and Transformation
“Will your Business exist this time next year?”

Today is one the greatest day to begin the process of mentally expanding your vision. It’s about crossed the chasm. Hunker down and begin to process what it is you need to come out on top of the social pie of success. The social pie refers to the anomalies of success that America provides. Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Kamala Harris to name a few have risen to powerful positions in the American Landscape. Good or bad they have been able to utilize strategies, ideas, investments, other people’s money, education, teamwork, goals and for the most part innovation to come out on top of the social pie.

Are these great business minds? Or are we witnessing something else take place right before our eyes. Make no mistake. America is a corporation and to ascend into these powerful ranks is not only inspiration but makes us question about what’s really possible in America. What’s your next plan of action? New products? New Territories? New Customer Markets? New Sales & Delivery Channels? Do you need to form an alliance or invest in building a digital infrastructure across all of your businesses?

What is needed is the interpretation of the data that is being presented? Experts say one thing, but the data suggests a totally new model of looking at things. I am currently embarking on LinkedIn’s Learning Path called “Digital Transformation for Leaders”; which is totally revolutionizing my world. I am learning how to interpret data in new and meaningful ways. What I am getting is a sense that Business Metrics will change the landscape of business as we know it. Research & Development will need to increase concerning our investments because the unknown is calling for something that has never been see or done before.

To the best of my ability I will explain what it means to transform your business versus transition. Both concepts are simplistic in nature. One on one end of the spectrum you shift something and on the other end a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. At this stage in the game it’s all going from Brick-n-Mortar to Click-N-Order. Your digital Footprint must dominate a large portion of your business. UiPath, Microsoft Azure and AWS are good services that should be considered. Why? Because organizations are dealing with 1000 times more data as opposed to Pre-COVID-19.

Here is are some concepts for your business that you can begin thinking about.

  • Automation Technology (Free up time for more Research & Development)
  • Cloud Infrastructure (Do I need to say more)
  • Alignment (Digitally Transforming your Busines Model)
  • Set a Higher Bar (Do $1,000,000 sales in the next 12 months)
  • Revolutionize your Business Model (Find a way to get on top of the social pie)
  • Help your clients understand what digital transformation means for their business. (Interpret The Data)

In short, organizations are receiving more data, but they are not able to make sense out of it. Instead of data becoming an asset, it’s becoming a challenge. What’s one action step you can do this week that can lend a hand to 10 businesses struggling to make sense of the influx of uncertainty?

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—Tyrone Brackens, The Manifesto Mentality “Change Your Thinking Discover your Flow & Build a Legacy”.

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“Will your Business exist this time next year?”

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