Forecasting Abundance and The Future of Your Business: Why Implementation of the Data is Critical

Make no mistake about it. The bottom 30% of all industries will not make it to the other side. It may become one of the toughest pills business owners’ swallow. A new wave of change has arrived, and it is looking for prepared minds. Now, is a good time to connect with a futurist minded business. If 2025 or 2030 isn’t on your radar you may need to hire reinforcement. Given, the nature of small business in terms of size it’s more likely that businesses of the future will look like Accenture mixed with a Jewish Federation. Minds will think different and process life from a deeper wellspring.

Masterminds will be a normalized construct of society and relationships will take on a new look. The changes that are taking place fits into this new global model of success. What this equates to is “Executive Ability” and business minds that have been called to lead a new global business model of success. The world pre-COVID that we knew is a thing in the past. The new models of success will resemble something that has never been seen before. If you think Amazon who sits with a $1 Trillion dollar valuation is big think again.

Amazon’s success took 20-25 years to happen and our current cycle of acceleration will create that same level of success in less time. Why? Because growth demands change. This pandemic crisis has only come to test our management of time, people, resources, our substance, faith and gifts that we possess. We all carry around this uneasy feeling of the unknown. It can be the thing that propels us into our next breakthrough, or it can cause so much upset that we digress in what meant to bless our lives. My prayers go out to those families and victims of the COVID19 pandemic crisis worldwide.

Although, there is much speculation surrounding how the virus was spread and by whom; that is not my worry or concern but I do pray that this new norm usher in a new level of respect surrounding the management of resources. America is a very rich, vibrant and abundant nation but what can be said about the data the surrounds America? Who can interpret the findings? Where are the Joseph’s who can interpret the dreams of Pharaoh? Where are the Data Analyst that can interpret the research that suggests that there is a breakdown in our democracy or that capitalism leaves many in poverty? How do we implement all of this newfound wealth of information and build the capacity for 1000X into our businesses?

As Peter Diamond puts it where are the $10 Billion dollar businesses at? He describes this as exponential entrepreneurship. A mere play on learning from Entrepreneurs who build multi-billion-dollar start-ups in record time further extends his narrative by saying “Creating an exponential organization capable of changing the world isn’t easy, but success leaves clues. What can be learned about this exponential acceleration that is happening? I just watched a replay of Turning Scarcity into Abundance – 2019 AT&T Business Summit conference on YouTube and realized that things are moving faster than we can comprehend.

These shifts and changes are good. I will admit that our blind spots can prevent us from seeing these changes as the greatest thing since sliced bread. It’s important to reconcile the notion of transformation as something in motion in regard to a transfixed outcome of a thing that has went from one state to the next. Transformation could mean that your business dies in this season and resurrects in the next. If your business has closed or it’s on the brink of closing; what could that suggest in terms of your new prospects for a post COVID world? Things are acerating at warp speed and we need to be prepared to live in a future of unlimited possibilities.

I am here to interpret the language of possibility. If you were to dig deep you would find statistical equations and tons of data for which you may not understand. It’s not about what you can see but what you can’t see that is being leverage at an enormous level. What would your business look like if you $5,000,000 to research and test theories about what could help push society into it’s next frontier. What are you forecasting to be so in the coming age of technological Reinvention?

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