5 Tips For Entrepreneurial Wealth-Building in 2021

While Thanksgiving gave us this warm and fuzzy feeling and tons of things to be grateful for; this pandemic is still alive and well. Don’t for one moment think that you are out of the woods just yet. Stay on your grind, continue to bless your family, and take care of your mental health. I cannot stress the mental health aspect enough. If you are not getting coached around your money language get the help that you need.

One of the most damaging misconceptions that you can live in is the fact that you got things under control. If you trust in your money more than God, you will not make it through this pandemic plain and simple. Yes, we are in a crisis, but this crisis has only come to test your management. Can you as Dr. Myles Munroe would says “Stand to be blessed”?

Below, I offer up 20 strategies that needs to be researched, discussed in a group setting and leveraged for best practices. Do you want access to more? Well having an open attitude gives you access to that more. Be open to accessing more by emptying yourself of preconceived ideas or notions and for something you can observe from the perspective of another individual.

Study Your opponent & get inside their minds: At this point in the game you must understand who you are up against. The Oppressor? Covid19? Your own Negative Thoughts? Generational Curses? Bad Money Management? Whatever seems to have you stuck or is holding you back find out why. Why does that blockage exist? Get to the root of the manner and begin developing a plan of action to confront that hinderance to your success. Don’t become your own worse nightmare. Study the leaders and big money makers of your industry. They study you. If you want to seek to become a person of value you must understand what moves the needle with your customers.

Build a visual map of a debt-free life: Imagine what life looks life free of the monetary burdens that weigh you down. What can life look like if you never have to worry about money? I am not talking about being more of a consumer with the purchases of cars, clothes, fancy trips, gambling, or the like. Debt-Free living should resemble you becoming a bigger contribution to the planet. Remember, you are either a giver or taker. Life gives to the givers and takes from the takers. Until I was able to get a bigger vision of my future, I remained stuck in my past. See yourself debt -free and the results will follow.    

Find a Balance between Intellect & Intuition: Whether you have been blessed with a sixth sense or this go getter spirit or not; there is still a balance that is needed in order to guide you through these sticky situations that the COVID19 has ushered in. The challenge you face is in deciding to do things from your head or heart. Figure out your dominant muscle and operate in accordance with what the market is saying. If you are a risk-taker that’s fine just make sure you strengthen the weaker parts of your psyche. Stop making business decisions until you have all the facts. Trust your decision-making process in the bad times as well as good times. Rely on a higher-power and stop trying to build wealth in your own head.     

Play the board and seek to dominate the money game: Noted New Thought and Divine Science Minister Joseph Murphy; states that you have a right to be rich. Playing the board is all about dominating the money game. Money is a symbol of God’s opulence, beauty, refinement, and abundance and it should be used with great care. To whom much is given much is required. The key word of 2021 is “Can you be trusted”. Think about that for a second. Can God trust that if he releases $100,000 into you possess that you will do the right thing with it by banking it and creating new wealth in the marketplace.

Dig Your well before it’s too late: In Harvey McKay’s Masterpiece “Dig Your Well before you are thirsty points to the importance of building a massive network (Community) before you actually need it. It’s important to remember that networking can take on many different forms; and must be seen as an opportunity to serve. The big-ticket item currently in the marketplace are mastermind groups. I am currently part of a mastermind group that I pay $7500 every six months to be part of. You may think that a lot of money but when you think about the value that I am receiving in comparison to the fee it’s no comparison. Network like crazy and stay consistent. Soon, the right door will open and you have get the secrets to the master keys that unlocks all doors.

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