4 secrets that can help Entrepreneurs during this Coming Roaring 20’s Boom of 2021

Wealth is not about having a lot of money its about having a lot of options ~ Chris Rock

Amid the strong revisions surrounding this global pandemic, many options are being created for the New America that is being created. A small bundle of business owners are beginning to take notice and see this pandemic as a time to rewrite the story of a rich and rewarding legacy. Many business owners are fighting tooth and nail to keep their operations alive while others will simply won’t make it to the other side.

According to Alignable’s Small Business Funding needs report, Only 43% of small business owners believe they have the means to survive through June 2021. In addition, 85% of all business owners need additional relief funding and 48% risk failure by years end. What this equates to is the need for a Robust infusion of capital for small businesses; and a look backwards in order to see what the future may look like.

One of the buzz words surrounding this pandemic that has recently surface is the “Roaring 20’s”. Eighty years ago in America before the depression settled in the 1930’s America enjoyed a time of technological advancement, prosperity, great intellectual pursuits, Artistic explosions, new music, landmark court cases, rise of the mafia and just this great revolution of migration and cultural appropriations. It was a time that ushered in a new redistribution of wealth.

Did you know that at the very end of World War I, a novel virus sped around the world, infecting hundreds of millions of people? The 1918 influenza ultimately killed more than 50 million. Given, the nature of these events many people though a new normalized infrastructure had been ushered in that would radically change the nature of American History. Yet, something radically happened.

Two years from the Flu that killed more than 50 million; America drove into a socialization period that has been labeled the roaring twenties. History repeated itself on this one except the roaring 20’s of today is in digital form. Thus, your digital footprint and fingerprint becomes the wealth that will lead you in your next breakthrough. As with any shakeup, pivot, and transformative scamper you need a strategy.

Below, I highlight a few concepts that will help you transition into the new norm.

Embrace the Uncertainties: If you are still trusting in your bank accounts to get you to the next level you are self-sabotaging your own success. In a time like this you must lean all the way in the unknown. I am not suggesting go for broke but remove anything that makes you feel less than a man for taking calculated risks that can jump start the next 500 years of wealth & prosperity in your family heritage. There will be Pandemic Millionaires coming out of these societal delays. Will you be one?

Don’t be afraid to take action on the plan: There is something that God wants you to do that may not align or make sense with your current way of living. Let go and embrace the plan. Give up the control and let the kingdom do the lifting. God’s ways are higher than man’s ways. Stop playing God if you can’t manifest like on. Let that sink in.

Ignore the doubters: Doubters in this sense can mean anybody who doubts the vision that God has given you. Remove the naysayers if you have to and listen only to that inner guidance system. Why? Because a cycle in your life is ending and you may need to release yourself from that toxic relationship. Everybody can’t go where God is about to take you. They are not built like you are and can only operate life as a taker versus a giver.

Be Willing to walk away from it all: Fear represents (False, Evidence Appearing Rear) and for many of us walking into the unknown looks dangerous. Sometimes our morals won’t allow us to sacrifice because of the pressures to hold down the fort. For some walking away could mean people and for others it could mean a way of thinking, bad habits, comfort zone, and people pleasing. Let go of everything that prohibits you from stepping up your game in 2021.

In the end it is important that you be original, dream big, leave nothing for tomorrow that you can do today, visualize better days ahead, love books, read as much as you can and let the world come to you. The roaring 20’s is at hand and if you don’t understand what that means do a little research. Make the next 5 years of your life about building generational wealth; and already see yourself living in the world that you desire.

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