My Thoughts on Wealth & Why I feel there is already Gold in the streets.

“If you wake up deciding what you want to give versus what you’re going to get, you become a more successful person. In other words, if you want to make money, you have to help someone else make money.” – Russell Simmons

Billionaire Hedge Fund manager Ray Dalio, author of “Principles” says to “Remember to reflect when you experience pain because pain is all in your head”. The idea around this statement reflects the importance of a culture that helps to foster growth. It’s more of an evolutionary process of trial and error where you are learning from your failed experiences. You then begin to confront the pain of your mistakes and start to clearly see the inconsistencies you face. This chapter on “Work Principles” turns out to be a metaphor for building the wealth you desire, but only by removing any impediments that could derail your path towards prosperity.   

You may not want to admit it but mismanaged money, family quarrels, generational curses, negative thinking, impatience, lack of planning, lack of education, lack of focus, low-self-esteem, oppression, white supremacy, cardiovascular diseases, serpent brain mentality and this insatiable appetite for sex; kills creativity and keeps us wandering in the wilderness in the middle of life’s most opportunistic moments. Ray Dalio brings up another point that aids in this discussion; and that is to; “Observe the patterns of mistakes to see if they are products of weaknesses”. Are you weak in the flesh? Do you lack the know how to say no to the delicacies of life until the right time? 

What are you struggling with that that may need to be brough out into the open? It’s OK to be weak in a few areas and strong in many others if you understand the importance of pain, reflection and the importance of progress. Are you 30? 40? or going on 50? It doesn’t matter as long get the counseling needed to remove those mental barriers and breakdowns that thwarts the black man’s rise. There is already money, wealth, abundance, prosperity, good health, success, and Gold with your name on it. The real question is what are you going to do to grow what comes into your life? Aas Robert Kiyosaki’s suggests saving is for poor minded losers because the Ultra-Rich Bank their money.

Below in the infographic It depicts when Gold come from as a metaphor to suggest that “Gold is already in these streets”. In these streets is referenced to the information highway. Gold is information, knowledge, research, partnerships, masterminds, powerful relationships and the like. You got to step your game up and recognize that you need a system for your health, wealth, and success. Do you have a plane to dominate your market in the next 5-10? If not why not? When this pandemic begins to show some light, you can already be positioned to be the leader in your field of play.

A few concepts to ponder as the year 2021 begins to roll right into play. Look up these terms and begin digging deeper into what going on around you.

  • Relationship Capital
  • Group Success
  • Economic Liberation
  • Community Development
  • Social Change
  • Information Technology

In addition, here are the Top five gold mining countries of Africa (Africa will become the New Asia in Years to Come) Look for ways to invest in the natural resources of these countries. Remember Africa’s gold mining industry; which is traditionally dominated by South Africa — has shifted focus with countries such as Ghana, Mali and Burkina Faso entering the fray

Ghana – 142.4 tonnes

South Africa – 118.2 tonnes

Sudan – 76.6 tonnes

Mali – 71.1 tonnes

Burkina Faso – 62 tonnes

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