5 ways to Build Resilience into your Brand

No people a generation removed from slavery can escape a certain unpleasant rawness and Gaucherie, despite the best of training.   -Of The Training of Men (W.E.B Dubois)

Whether you believe it or not you are the brand. Everyday you wake up you are working on your brand. The thoughts you think daily reflect the way you create your brand. Despite the best of training, you have received in America from lived experiences and your educational attainment; there are still underlying factors that go into who you want to be represented as in the marketplace.

In orison Swett Marden’s book “The Miracle of Right Thought”, he explains that “The graduate who goes into the world without training in what constitutes a positive and a negative mental attitude is liable to be ruined in a very short time”. In other words, without properly knowing how to put the knowledge that you gain into practice the results that you seek will be minimum at best.  

So, What is Brand Resilience? What does that have to do with this age of digital technology, social media marketing and TikTok? A lot? After spending countless hours on many different social media apps, I am beginning to see a trend. I am seeing that brands are being diluted based on what I like to call normalcy. There are many people that is turning these short form videos into brands accidentally. There are fads and trends that come and go but you must remain resilient and outlast the trends of the moment.

Resilience then is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, toughness. The difficulty for your brand at the moment then is that you can’t predict what trend will catch so that you can ride the wave and follow the crowd. I am seeing a few people set trends but for the most part many follow them, in hopes of garnering a few likes, shares and or followers. Don’t join in that bandwagon.

Stay true to what you visualize for 2026 and make sure that you are producing content that is tailored to your vision and mission. I would also suggest that you build a business model, content strategy and marketing plan before launching your platform. There is a fine line here because you do not want to be stuck in the planning phase without taking any action. Don’t be afraid to fail and or make mistakes.

Here lies a few more strategies that will help you to strategically position and set yourself apart. Remember, never stop learning and keep moving forward no matter what.

See Your Brand Crossing the Finish Line: Envision what you want your brand to look like in 2026. Then work your way backwards similar to how movie directors write their movies.

Go back to school & Never stop Learning: Live you YouTube, take some business courses, study the Wallstreet Journal, get a mentor, listen to podcasts, read books, get enhancing your knowledge of the market.  

Process Life Logically & without emotion: Don’t let the frustration of life weigh you down in the pursuit of your dreams and goals. Yes, it’s uncomfortable but that’s what makes the greats great. I am realizing that they were constantly under insurmountable pressure and they fight through the sludge and never gave up. Breathe, think, and process but never throw your own pity party.  

Center & Ground Yourself: Practice mediation and learn the art of stillness. Use the peace of the day to gather your thoughts and allow those creative ideas to surface. If you are always in a chaotic and or noisy environment, you block yourself from you.

Feel The Fear but do it anyway: One of the best things you can do for your brand is to believe that you can make a difference. Putting a social lens on your brand will allow you to operate as a social entrepreneur. Why do many people ignore this aspect? Fear? Social Entrepreneurship will allow you to solve real world problems and less about attention seeking that much of social media provides. You want to be seen and known for someone whose makes a difference in the world.

In the end, think outside the box. When you hear meditation, you may think that it has nothing to do with branding, but it has everything to do with branding. The late great Steve Jobs learning some of Apple’s most important designs and concepts from visiting India. He was at peace and brought those ideas back to apple. You may never know where inspiration will come from. Stay open to new experiences and ideas that will help to expand your awareness of the good you seek.

The Best way to improve your life in this world is to serve others


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