Future Rich: “How to convert your Knowledge into New Money”

What it is that you know? How are you responding to this pandemic? Are things getting better for you or worse? How do you feel in this moment? What is causing you pain that you refuse to deal with? In the time of crisis, you will at some point confront those old ways of thinking and instead op-in to a new world order. As a Black man in America what used to be comfortable and exciting will no longer work in the coming months. There will be a stretch of about 6 months that you must confront in order to stay in the game. It’ a “Pandemic Right of Passage”. Because you cannot see around the corner does not prevent the volcano from erupting. The hurricane will come, and you must begin now preparing yourself to defend your faith.

Whatever you have learned about survival the last 5 years is about to test you. I hope you have been paying attention to your life and taking mental notes. As black men this is the reset that we needed to shift our social consciousness and create a new state of economic liberation. I was compelled to write about this because it was something I just came out of. Every system that I thought to be stable was shaken and I nearly lost everything in that hurricane. Nothing is of limits (i.e., wife, mental health, mind, family, relationships, finances, peace, love, joy etc.). If you do not think differently about every area of your life you will find yourself sliding into the quicksand of your past pleasures.

The game has changed on so many levels and will require a new way of processing things. Do your best to separate your mind out of the worldly affairs and social media just for a few moments. Gather your intellectual property and reason with the talents that you have at your disposal. You may have a job currently or run your own business. I applaud either effort. It’s just time to cleanse your pallet and inject a fresh stream of knowledge into the equation.

What you are witnessing is two different paradigms at work: Light vs. the Darkness. Our world is being upgraded while most people are spinning their minds in the dryer cycle of life. The illusion operates like a magic trick “Now you see it now you don’t”. Rethink everything. Get back into the books and begin studying to see what the world has in store for you. Read between the lines. Listen.

You are about to begin a new journey down a winding road. Once you begin walking down that winding road make sure your faith is planted in the correct soil. You will need more than some money, alcohol, sex, a nice girl, and influence to get through this. You are the only one that can position yourself to walk through the water. Once you cross over then you must fight to keep your head above water. It is a total transformation of your thinking. Why? Because it’s a lonely road that only you can travel. Change is knocking at your door and if you need help seek out help.

Types of help you can use to keep you grounded and formidable in the fight is a therapist, Life Coach, Business Coach, Spiritual Advisor, mentor, etc.; only as a means to support your transition. You are absorbing the light that is rising in the minds of black men. Whether you can feel it or not a new thing has already begun in your spirit. I just want to make you aware of how you will walk into your wealthy place in a few months. Trust me about the game. It may not make sense now, but it will when the world starts shaking around you.

Tough times do not last tough people do. You are in that class of millionaires that is looking for transparency from other black men. Because there is so much jealously, envy, hate, and fear that goes on amongst black men; it can be hard to open up and be authentic about the bag. It would be cool if black men worked with black men from all over the world. Right? Then it would be easy to collaborate and build wealth throughout the diaspora and Africa simultaneously. The ball is in your court and you must take advantage of this new wave of prosperity. You know what you know. Now, lets take it a step further and begin to know what those on the other side knows.

After 400+ years of Western World experiences the time has come. We are already winners in the game of life. It’s just that we need communities to unite as one. The light has come for us to take in all of this new knowledge at our disposal. New ways of generating income are at hand and we no longer have to grab onto the old. We must look at wealth accumulation in a different light. We are to find that fish with the coin in its mouth and pay our taxes. In order to absorb the light, you must fully embrace the transition and not succumb to any outdated philosophies about success post pandemic.

The vibration that is engulfing our world is money that operates as energy, which is currently circulates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It’s here and ready to gravitate to our projects. The complete absorption of this Money Light has arisen and will take us into a new relationship around success and wealth creation. New Knowledge is at the epicenter of where we are trying to move our minds. We are the new Mental Streams of consciousness that is entering these money conversations. We are financing the future of Black America and it begins with the transformation of the old into the new.

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