Dear, Black Kings

You are next up to bat. The rotation has taken thousands of years to come around. You have been tested and tried through every storm imaginable. No longer will your voice remain silent. I am speaking life in your very being at this very moment. It’s time to come forth you “Mighty Man of Valor” and take up your rightful place as Kings. We are here to break the chains of materialism and those oppressive conditions off of your minds. The time has come for us to transform those underlying causes into opportunities for Community Development, Wealth Creation and Kingdom Expansion.

I side with you on how tough it is just to be you. The pressure to produce and perform weighs heavily on your mind all the time. The mood swings are real and the fight to remain sane in this belligerent world is a real struggle. It’s those silent things internally that gets the best of you that no one knows about and or understand. In a perfect world you would be considered perfect and yet you fight these systemic and oppressive systems blind folded with one hand tied behind your back.

Liberation is in the streets Black Kings. The resources, intelligence, opportunity, open doors, peace, creative energy, and freedom you seek has come. It is by the grace of God that you are even alive at this moment. The enemy has tried tooth and nail to kill the future seeds God has placed in you. We know that you deal with a plethora of issues as a black man in America (i.e., Prison, prejudice, racism, sexuality, life purpose, career, finances, time/priority/, fathering, mentoring, trust, spirituality, mental health etc.).

The good news is that there are black men and organizations who actually care about your success. There are Intellectual centers being built as we speak that will address the issues that you struggle with on a daily basis. The black community will never be the same in the next few years because of you. I am speaking of black men throughout planet earth. New light is beginning to spring forth and you are part of t that equation. Get ready for the biggest intellectual revival ever known to man.

It will start with the word of God. The mandate in this next wave is Kingdom Building; and speak into your situation that these oppressive bureaucratic systems will never defeat you again. The edict has gone forth and you now operate as an army one ready to infuse your genius into your community. W.E.B Dubois puts it this way…” No people a generation removed from slavery can escape a certain unpleasant rawness and Gaucherie (an Unsophisticated people), despite the best of training.”

 Your life has become the training grounds for the advancement of this “100,000 Black Men Rolls Royce” Procession. As Kings of the King of Kings you operate in a system that born of justice, love, and righteousness. Why do think you have been going through so much hell since the first time you arrived in America? When you are born into an oppressive system you have to fight 40 years; for the benefit of the next generations to come. We do not have the luxury as a people to carry our own agenda’s. It is the King’s way or the highway. Peace and Blessing to the family. All is well.

Until Next Time,

Tyrone Brackens

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