FATHERHOOD: A Young Black Man’s Ticket to Greatness

Let me fist say shout out to all black fathers the world over. Black Fathers are amazing and hardworking men. They exude the heart of a lion and the championship pedigree of a Michael Jordan. Due to many unforeseen circumstances the ire and desire of our penchant for raising our children has somewhat created lots of destruction in the black family unit. When you place the life of a black man under attack without the proper training, he tends to make decisions based in the moment versus a long-term rationale.

If I am being chased by a vicious Pitbull, would I laugh or panic and run? The same goes for millions of black men the world over that is being forced to migrate outside of their comfort zones due to unforeseeable changes in the earth. Change will come whether you like it or not. And it’s in your response to these changes that makes all the difference. Never get caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Before you think about becoming a father get your money up. Stop knocking up females with no gameplan.

Far too long many young fathers have gone about fatherhood the wrong way. Fatherhood is a planned event not a lust filled drunken oops I slipped moment. I failed many times in this area and will tell you it will set you back and cost you more than you can bargain for. Yes, fatherhood is amazing and allows you to leave a legacy in the earth, but you must be ready for it. I wish I had someone tell me about myself in the middle of my storm. You are in a storm if you are asleep at the wheel (i.e., employment, criminal reform, mentorship, education, community etc.). You are under attack and not from your own community.

What you do is start thinking long-term about your life. If you want to be rich, then you must think like the rich think. They think long-term and not day to day. I had my son at the age of 24 and if I understand about long-term thinking, I would have made certain decisions that could have landed my 34th birthday on the road to riches. I blew that 10-year cycle, and I am paying for it now. I did it. I am not passing blame to anyone. You only meet no one but yourself. I wish I had worked on myself first before I met that person. Lesson learned.

The name of the game is preparation. Whether you are a father or is anticipating fatherhood down the line; there are few things I need to explain to you. Build yourself up first with some cash reserves, condo/house, a stable job + hustle, a few great friends, God and a few mentos. Get you credit in order, learn about stocks, become a life-longer learner, and learn what it means to be patience. You will not walk into true adulthood until your late 30’s early 40’s. Grow up first. Don’t let boredom, pain or adverse conditions make you have kids before you are ready.     

The ball is in your court. Prepare for fatherhood and for those that are fathers be patient with the entire process. The court system, baby mama’s drama, lack of preparation, no income, no community support, felon, probation, and just bad luck sits in the shadows waiting for you to step into those problems. If you are a risk taker, go bungee jump. Prison, Pussy and Politics seems not to be the strategy that is getting you over the hump. Stay in the game and I will keep sending these hard truths for your mental liberation. Fatherhood is your ticket to greatness.  

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